Building A Perfect Game: SEA’s Oasis Bowling

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The smell of shriveled, angry-looking hot dogs and steaming pizza lingers in the air as the strident clash of urethane hitting rock maple wood echoes throughout the warehouse-sized room. A toddler throws a temper tantrum in the corner because she didn’t get the exact Barbie doll she wanted for her seventh birthday, her cries making all of her classmates nervous. On the intercom overhead, a high school worker unenthusiastically calls for service for lane twelve. Try to keep it together because you’re at the one and only Oasis Bowling Alley! 

This 32,000 square foot bowling alley has everything you could ever ask for when it comes to family-friendly fun. Designed by SEA studios, the Oasis Bowling Alley included thirty-two bowling lanes paired with an extensive kitchen area where your young ones can refresh with a nice cold coca-cola and a steaming pile of nachos. Just as they do with all of their projects, SEA studios strive to build and construct high-quality buildings and infrastructures for the vast entertainment and enjoyment of the public. But don’t just take our word for it; take a look for yourself. 

Brick By Brick: The Structure Of Oasis Bowling Alley 

Behind every building and structure lies a multitude of rough designs and drafts. Draft after draft until the building is perfect and just right. SEA Studios prides itself on achieving immaculate perfection with each and every project that they take on. This diligent process was no different when it comes to designing and constructing the Oasis Bowling Alley. From the thirty-two bowling lanes to the adjoined restaurant-eatery, SEA Studios carefully constructed each aspect of the bowling alley to ensure the vibrant and awe-inspiring structure we so enjoy today. 

Encompassing 32,000 square feet, the Oasis Bowling Alley was no small feat to build and design. Luckily, with their experienced and talented team of architects, SEA Studios was more than up for the challenge. But there was more to consider than just some bowling lanes and a restaurant-eatery. SEA Studios exceeded expectations by designing and constructing an assortment of activity rooms for the public’s enjoyment. From bumper cars to laser tag and an arcade to a virtual reality program, the Oasis Bowling Alley has something for everyone to enjoy. They even have an ax-throwing room for the adults to enjoy while the kids run off to the arcade.

All This Room For Activities: Oasis Bowling Alley Events 

As we’ve said before, Oasis Bowling Alley offers a multitude of events and activities outside of bowling. From emptying all your spare change at the arcade to running around shooting invisible lasers in the laser tag arena, the fun is essentially endless. 

And not only does the Oasis Bowling Alley offer a varied amount of activities, but they also provide an eclectic amount of events. Does your office need a morale boost? Bowl a few frames as a company event. Want to give your child the best birthday they’ll ever have? Order a couple of large pizzas for them and their friends to devour after a few games of laser tag. No matter what your situation may be, the Oasis Bowling Alley has an event tailored for everyone.