SEA Studios’ Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes

Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes Storefront

With a versatile and eclectic portfolio, SEA Studios prides itself on designing and manufacturing a multitude of different kinds of structures and buildings. From entertainment centers such as the Oasis Bowling Alley or Arena Tavern to educational facilities such as the Riyadh School and The Boys And Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, SEA Studios has had its hand in a variety of buildings and establishments. But there’s a specific kind of structure that is mostly underlooked when it comes to SEA Studios’ impressive resume. Its elusiveness should surprise everyone since this type of building is something in everyone’s life. That’s right; we’re talking about your office building. More specifically, we’re talking about Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes. 

Located in the heart of Kennesaw, Georgia, Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes is a probiotic and formula manufacturer that serves a variety of markets. From sports nutrition to dietary supplements and pet supplements to food and beverage, Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes is known for going above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of product matched with exemplary customer service. Take this time to look into what makes Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes the best in the business. 

What Makes Deerland Deerland 

True to its name, Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes strives to develop solutions that benefit public health through probiotic, prebiotic, and enzyme technology. It sounds a bit confusing, doesn’t it? Basically, Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes specializes in manufacturing and distributing an assortment of probiotic arrangements such as formula and protein powder. This, in turn, results in a healthier and safer public. And we all know that in this chaotic time, we could all use a healthier society. 

Now, you may be asking where SEA Studios comes into play with such a specific niche company. Well, SEA prides itself on its diverse body of work and are even prouder of their accomplishments with Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes. Completed only four years ago in 2017, Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes consists of 28,000 square feet for its office and light manufacturing facility. On top of this 28,000 square feet are another 9,000 square feet of office and another 19,000 square feet of production and storage space. Within all of this space, Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes utilizes an assortment of specialized testing and development laboratories to test probiotics, vitamins, and even supplements. Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes may not be the most extensive structure that SEA Studios has designed and manufactured; it’s still one of their proudest accomplishments. 

Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes Services 

As we said above, Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes provide probiotics and supplements for a variety of markets. The most prominent market they work for is sports nutrition. Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes knows that the life of an athlete is not an easy one. This is why they pride themselves on manufacturing best-in-class supplements to ensure a safe and healthy lifestyle for these determined athletes. With Deerland’s probiotics and supplements, athletes have been proven to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in their bodies as well as a healthy rate of growth and recovery. There’s no better place for an athlete to take their business than Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes.