Tilt Panels

Tilt panel construction has been around since the turn of the 20th century. In the 1940s, the technique started to gain interest due to the mobilization of cranes. Tilt panels are most often associated with warehouse design. This is due to quick installation and being cost-efficient depending on the size of the building. SEA Studios’ […]

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Vertical Storage Warehouse

Vertical Racking System

E-commerce sales have been on a steady rise over the last five years. When the pandemic hit and companies started relying heavily on online sales, there was a 32.4% increase in 2020 over 2019. Statista projects sales to continue to rise to $563B within the next few years (compared to 2017’s $285B). To stay competitive […]

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Architects vs. General Contractors

What’s the difference between an Architect & General Contractor? If you’re new to development, interested in building a commercial building for your business, or curious about the commercial building process; you’re in the right place.  There’s some gray area of what the differences are between an Architect and General Contractor. Most tend to associate Architects […]

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Adaptive Reuse Of A Century Old Office/Warehouse

adaptive reuse-executive suuite

As prices of material continue to rise, we’re seeing an uptick in rehabilitation. Reimaging an existing structure while preserving the historical, cultural, and architectural features is referred to as Adaptive Reuse. There is no doubt, these projects tend to be more challenging than designing a new building. Ingenuity and problem solving are the two leading […]

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SEA Studios’ Variety Of Works

Learn more about the man works of SEA Studios!

SEA Studios prides itself on delivering high-quality work for a wide range of industries. From educational buildings to warehouses and distribution, SEA Studios has worked for a variety of clients and vendors. And with such an extensive client base, we are proud to say that we treat each and every project with the same attention […]

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Careers In Architecture

Learn more about the many careers in the world of architecture.

Like any occupation, there is a variety of jobs when it comes to the world of architecture. From the initial design to the final construction and everything that comes in between, architecture is filled with a multitude of jobs and tasks to choose from. But with such an extensive industry such as architecture, it can […]

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SEA Studios’ Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes

Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes Storefront

With a versatile and eclectic portfolio, SEA Studios prides itself on designing and manufacturing a multitude of different kinds of structures and buildings. From entertainment centers such as the Oasis Bowling Alley or Arena Tavern to educational facilities such as the Riyadh School and The Boys And Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, SEA Studios has […]

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