Architects vs. General Contractors

What’s the difference between an Architect & General Contractor? If you’re new to development, interested in building a commercial building for your business, or curious about the commercial building process; you’re in the right place.  There’s some gray area of what the differences are between an Architect and General Contractor. Most tend to associate Architects […]

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Adaptive Reuse Of A Century Old Office/Warehouse

adaptive reuse-executive suuite

With our ever evolving market, we’re seeing an influx of clients focusing on sustainability.  Adaptive reuse falls into this category, reimaging an existing building while preserving the historical, cultural, and architectural features of the building. These projects can be challenging at times with ingenuity and problem solving being the two leading factors when it comes […]

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SEA Studios’ Variety Of Works

Learn more about the man works of SEA Studios!

SEA Studios prides itself on delivering high-quality work for a wide range of industries. From educational buildings to warehouses and distribution, SEA Studios has worked for a variety of clients and vendors. And with such an extensive client base, we are proud to say that we treat each and every project with the same attention […]

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Careers In Architecture

Learn more about the many careers in the world of architecture.

Like any occupation, there is a variety of jobs when it comes to the world of architecture. From the initial design to the final construction and everything that comes in between, architecture is filled with a multitude of jobs and tasks to choose from. But with such an extensive industry such as architecture, it can […]

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SEA Studios’ Deerland Probiotics And Enzymes

Deerland Probiotics and Enzymes Storefront

With a versatile and eclectic portfolio, SEA Studios prides itself on designing and manufacturing a multitude of different kinds of structures and buildings. From entertainment centers such as the Oasis Bowling Alley or Arena Tavern to educational facilities such as the Riyadh School and The Boys And Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, SEA Studios has […]

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Building A Perfect Game: Oasis Bowling

Learn more about SEA Studios Oasis Bowling Alley

The smell of shriveled, angry-looking hot dogs and pizza lingers in the air as the strident clash of urethane hitting rock maple wood echoes throughout the warehouse-sized room. A toddler throws a tantrum in the corner because she didn’t get the exact Barbie doll she wanted for her birthday. On the intercom overhead, a high […]

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3D Animation In Architecture 

Within today’s day and age, technology is in a constant state of flux, developing to meet the immense demand of the consumer. What we could only dream of yesterday has become an actual reality for today. From virtual reality technology to facial recognition software, technology is as advanced today as it ever has been. This […]

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2021 Architecture Trends

Architecture draft paper

The new year is just around the corner, so it’s time to think projectively about the coming 2021 trends for architecture. 2020 had a lot of adaptation to cope with social distancing and health precautions due to the pandemic and there’s no doubt some of those trends will carry into 2021. There are also a […]

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