Work Of A Living Legend: Antoine Predock

Learn more about the architecture of Antoine Predock

Within every art form, there are those that create mediocrity, and then there are those who create masterpieces. This principle is seen across all platforms. The lackluster and explosive work of Michael Bay compared to the subtle, impeccable direction of Ingmar Bergman in filmmaking. Or maybe from the smug of E.L James to the intricate thrills of Agatha Christie in literature. There are masters and amateurs of every craft. And when it comes to the world of architecture, there’s no one quite like Antoine Predock. 

Born in Lebanon, Missouri, Antoine Predock was born in 1936 to liberal arts graduate for a mother and an engineer for a father. These two worlds guided Predock into the artistic world of architecture. He even went as far as to credit his mother for guiding him into his artistic style and profession. He also credited his father for giving him his technical interests. From an early age, Predock knew he wanted to become a sculptor of buildings, and it wasn’t long until his work would be lauded. 


Even though he was born in Missouri, Antoine Predock considers himself an Alberquerque, New Mexico native even though he didn’t live there until he moved there in college. Predock first attended the University of Missouri in Columbia, enrolling in the school of engineering to take after his father. It was here that he discovered he found little fulfillment in engineering and wanted to focus his talents elsewhere. After his time at the University of Missouri, Predock was admitted into the University of Columbia. It was here that he gained his BA in architecture. 

Prominent Works 

After his early success in college, Antoine Predock decided to take his efforts to the real world to show what talents he truly had. In 1967, Predock founded his first office in Alberquerque, New Mexico. Faithful to his familial name, Predock named this company Antoine Predock Architecture PC. The studio found fame instantly, acquiring numerous clients and designing and building a variety of various buildings and structures. Predock’s office first gained immense attention with the construction of the La Luz community in his home of New Mexico. He and his team followed up this project with the design and construction of the University of New Mexico’s Law building. This was a personal project for Predock due to the fact that he spent some time at the University of New Mexico during his time in college. Keeping true to his past, Predock and his team would later go on and design the Nelson Fine Arts Center at the University of Arizona. Even with all these impressive structures already on his resume, Predock is best known for his work on the Alberquerque Musem in New Mexico. It was later stated to be his most prized work. Like any master of their craft, Antoine Predock was given a multitude of awards for his eclectic list of buildings and structures.