Why You Need to Prioritize Warehouse Expansion in 2020

If you move products, you need a warehouse. But how big should your warehouse be? By the time you’re asking that question, you might already be desperate for additional inventory real estate. Here are three reasons why you should consider expanding your warehouse before the year is out.

Commerce Is Going Online

Online shopping has proven to be efficient, affordable, and effective for customers around the world. Most markets have shifted online to accommodate current events – but even when the world returns to normal, you should expect many of your customers to continue ordering from the comfort of their home.

Inventory availability is key to the success of any online retailer, and warehouse space is necessary to store and maintain your inventory. If you’re planning to expand your online business in the next few years, you should increase your warehouse space before you have to meet the demand.

Rushes Happen

If the toilet paper crisis of 2020 has taught the world anything, it’s that you can never anticipate when customers will buy your entire stock of a product. Sales can be driven by product popularity, cultural movements, or a simple increase in audience need.

For retailers without a warehouse, a rush means empty shelves and a slew of dissatisfied customers. But if you have warehouse space, you can stock extra product – and that means you’ll be ready when the next wave hits.

Consolidation Means Efficiency

When a business first runs out of warehouse space, their instinct is usually to look for a second location. But while renting an extra lot is a workable short-term solution, it can actually be detrimental to your business’s overall profits.

Logistics are essential for inventory management. Every mile that your drivers have to travel is an expense that comes out of your pocket. And if your products aren’t all in the same place, you will inevitably experience shipping delays. Expanding your on-site warehouse is a better solution that will increase your efficiency and profits over time.

The world is changing, and your business is going to change with it. Whether you want to expand your existing warehouse or upgrade to a new facility, SEA Studios is here to help. Contact us today to start building your company’s future.