What You Need To Know About Becoming An Architect

Learn how to achieve a career in architecture in Atlanta.

Every architecture career began with a single dream of wanting to create. We all remember the first building or structure that completely took our breath away. Whether it was something as towering as the Empire State Building or something as minuscule but mesmerizing as a local community center, every architect has that one building or structure that sparked their love for the art form. 

But becoming an architect isn’t as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into becoming an architect. Hard work and commitment that will eventually pay off in the long run. But what exactly does it take to become a successful architect in this competitive market? This is everything you should know before becoming an architect. 

The Education Behind The Architect 

Like most fully-fledged careers, an architect needs an educational background. Most architects earn a degree through a five-year Bachelor’s program that will give them the tools and knowledge to pursue a career within the world of architecture. Most architects, after their Bachelor’s program, will go on to pursue a Master’s in architecture. These programs are specifically designed to give architects experience within specific design and drawing programs that will help their career in the long run. This time in school will also give prospective architects the knowledge and skills they need to pass the Architect Registration Exam. This is a seven-part exam that focuses on a different area of the field for each part. 

The Extent Of The Industry 

Like any industry, architecture is a hard one to break into. With so much competition out there, it may seem like it’s impossible to make a career out of being an architect. Well, sometimes it nearly is. Architecture covers an assortment of jobs from interior design to landscaping to even space planning. With so many positions, you would think that it would be an easy industry to break into, right? Well, you would be wrong. With every position open, there are twice as many candidates to fill that position. To make it within the world of architecture, you have to have a sturdy backbone and even thicker skin. But if you have a genuine love for the industry, you shouldn’t have trouble landing a steady job. 

Qualities Of An Architect 

Most people think that the only thing an architect needs is a knack for drawing. They could not be more wrong. There is a handful of qualities that an architect needs in order to become successful and make a career out of architecture. From creativity to communication skills and visualization to technical skills, there is an assortment of requirements that come with becoming an architect. Today, most designs are engineered through state-of-the-art pieces of software that make the design process easier and simpler. To become an architect, you need to understand the rules of design and understand how to use these pieces of software to make your life and job much easier.