What Makes a Good Architect?

An architect’s job isn’t nearly as easy as you might think. When it comes to finding success in this profession, there are a handful of qualities that really make the top architects stand out from the pack.

The Ability to Listen

Every amazing architect strives to turn the client’s vision into a reality. But to accomplish that goal, they need to be able to actually understand what the client is asking for. Even if they can see the building in their head, very few laymen know the right terminology needed to get their ideas on paper. Your architect’s job is to listen to your ideas, look at your sketches, and translate your vision into something that works with modern building standards. If they do it right, the finished project will look even better than the one you imagined.

A Creative Mind

With every project, an architect needs to ask themselves the same question: how do you create something new while adhering to the essential standards that make a construction work? There’s a reason we build walls, roofs, and pillars the way we do. Architects need to balance the principles of physics and art with their own creativity to build something that’s both functional and unique.

Good Attention to Detail

Every architect starts out as an artist, but the truth is that buildings are far more complicated than paintings. Your architect will decide everything from the distance between office windows to the material that’s used for the lobby floor. Every new choice is influenced by the last, which means that the designer needs to maintain a coherent vision from start to finish – all while making sure no small details get forgotten. Architecture certainly isn’t a job for the impatient or the absent-minded.

Commitment to Follow Through

An architect’s work doesn’t stop when the blueprints are submitted; if anything, that’s when the real work begins. Your architect is typically in charge of filing permits, instructing contractors, and overseeing the project until opening day. Most lead architects manage an entire team of professionals who work together to ensure that a project gets done. Without commitment and perseverance, those gorgeous Georgia skyscrapers might never have become part of the Atlanta skyline.

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