The World Famous Arena Tavern

Learn about SEA Studios' Arena Tavern in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Close your eyes and picture the scene. The raucous sound of football helmets clashing against one another as Pittsburgh takes on Philadelphia (Pittsburg in the lead, of course) echoes throughout the tavern as the sweet aroma of bourbon lingers underneath your nostrils. Your steak is delivered to your table and placed right in front of you, steam radiating off it like water evaporating from a lake. You cut into it, take your first bite: perfection. Now open your eyes. Do you know where you are? That’s right; you’re at the one and only Arena Tavern. 

Located in the heart of Kennesaw, GA, the Arena Tavern is one of SEA Studios’ most prized accomplishments. A centerpiece of Town Center, the Arena Tavern is a prime spot to grab a beer and catch a game while enjoying a nicely cooked burger or steak. With a friendly and all-inclusive staff, the Arena Tavern is known for its excellent food and drink and even better customer service. While we can’t guarantee your favorite team will win, the one thing we can guarantee is that you’ll find a winner within the Arena Tavern. 

The Foundation Of The Arena Tavern 

Whenever taking a project under our wings, SEA Studios prides itself on making sure that each and every project is shown the same care and respect. This includes taking the time out of our busy schedules to get to know what your business is and how it is conducted. With the Arena Tavern, we found ourselves incredibly impressed by their hands-on approach to cooking the best possible pork for their guests and customers. This process includes smoking this pork at 225 degrees for twelve hours each day. This immense dedication is what makes the Arena Tavern different from other establishments. 

Outside of their dedication, the Arena Tavern ensures their guest’s expectations by providing a robust menu with a variety of burgers, steaks, and desserts. The Arena Tavern also prides itself on using ingredients from local vendors in order to give back to their flourishing and established community. In addition to their local food vendors, the Arena Tavern has an established connection with local breweries and distilleries. 

The Arena Tavern’s Structure 

With such an extensive resume of buildings and structures, SEA Studios found no problems or quarrels undertaking the designing and building of the Arena Tavern. With a carefully constructed outdoor deck and a pristinely polished granite bar, the Arena Tavern turned out to be a complex and intricate bar and restaurant, a project that SEA Studios is immensely proud of. 

The Arena Tavern also offers private dining for its guests and customers. From the front patio to the side patio and gated area to the entire restaurant, there is a variety of areas to choose from when it comes to reserving a space for private dining. Not to mention that all of these areas are completely affordable and reasonably priced.