SEA Studios’ Variety Of Works

Learn more about the man works of SEA Studios!

SEA Studios prides itself on delivering high-quality work for a wide range of industries. From educational buildings to warehouses and distribution, SEA Studios has worked for a variety of clients and vendors. And with such an extensive client base, we are proud to say that we treat each and every project with the same attention and care, no matter how big or how small. While most of our projects have been within the metro-Atlanta area, we have been known to branch out to produce high-quality work for locations all over the world. 

When it comes to everything design and architecture, SEA Studios is the best choice due to our variety of works. From bowling alleys to warehouses and schools to restaurants, SEA Studios has played a hand in designing and building a multitude of buildings and structures. Take the time to look at our impressive resume and the many, many locations we’ve worked at.

Freedom Powersports 

One of the significant projects that we are incredibly proud of is the Freedom Powersports building. Located in Ackworth, Georgia, Freedom Powersports is dedicated to selling best-in-class both on-road and off-road vehicles. Freedom Powersports offers a variety of motor vehicles from a wide range of vendors such as Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, and even Slingshot. This range of vendors and products makes Freedom Powersports one of the more prominent motor vehicle stores in the entire metro-Atlanta area. 

Opened Tuesday through Saturday (and out riding Monday and Sunday), Freedom Powersports is the perfect spot to fit all of your motor vehicle needs. From motorcycles to ATVs and jet skis to side by sides, Freedom Powersports has everything you could ever need and so much more. They even have an impressive showroom that SEA Studios helped design and build. 

Douglas Boulevard Shopping Center 

SEA Studios has also had its hand in designing and building multiple structures in one job. A prime example of this is the Douglas Boulevard Shopping Center. As the name suggests, this shopping center is located on Douglas Boulevard in Douglasville, Georgia. This prominent shopping center is home to a variety of shops and restaurants, such as Allstate, Beltone, and even an Honeybaked Ham cafe. 

SEA Studios is incredibly proud of this shopping center due to the intricate detail both inside and outside the shopping center. With so many shops to be included within the center, the task was a challenging one. But SEA Studios was able to design and build a shopping center that is now a prominent staple within the community of Douglasville, Georgia. 

Oasis Bowling Alley 

SEA Studios also has a playful side. Standing on 34,000 square feet, the Oasis Bowling Alley is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and bowl a couple of games. The Oasis Bowling Alley is home to a whopping 32 bowling lanes as well as a kitchen and restaurant. Paired with some billiard tables, the Oasis Bowling Alley is a great hangout spot for both friends and the family.