RNDC Indianapolis


Renovation and alteration of an almost century-old three-story of office/warehouse building. Newer additions created five-floor levels and accessibility difficult. There was little or no natural light entering much of the space. The auditorium, mixology room, open office, breakroom,and social areas, were repurposed from the existing warehouse. The other remaining areas comprised the renovated existing office building.

The design focus was to consolidate all the levels to one flowing interior while exposing and preserving elements of original building architecture. The intent was to have all levels accessible with an abundance of natural light throughout the space. The renovation involved exposing the details and bones of the original steel, masonry and wood structure and integrating these features of the past into its new, modern form. The ceilings are exposed, revealing the HVAC systems and the wood and steel beams. The wood warehouse floor was maintained to minimize the environmental impact of installing new materials. Open mesh and wood grill ceiling clouds are provided to connect spaces or define boundaries.

Existing floor and roof structure were painted white, and brick masonry walls were left exposed. New structural steel was painted gray to distinguish old from new. New materials were carefully selected to respect the existing architecture. Industrial windows of the original structure hidden in an interior wall were exposed and updated as an architectural feature. A solid masonry freight elevator was repurposed to a social area. A new central Gallery was created connecting the renovated office building with the repurposed warehouse (auditorium, mixology and open office)
The renovated facility provides executive and managerial level offices, open office, touch down,and collaborative working areas. Five AV customized conference rooms provide individual and collaborative workspace. A 250-seat auditorium, divisible to 3, was fitted with special lighting and AV control systems. A 24 seat Mixology room for demonstrating the preparation of mixed drinks includes multiple camera views and audio. The 25’ high clerestory warehouse space was transformed to open office, and the existing industrial window system was replaced with a translucent fiberglass system. 90-year-old wood flooring was refinished to its original beauty.