Office Design Tips From the Pros

There is a lot more to designing office space than moving desks around and deciding where shelves should go. Office design is a reflection of the brand or identity of your organization. Therefore, a lot more thought should go into how your office looks.

The size of the company and the type of business will determine the architecture and design of office space. Corporate culture must always shine through to best reflect the work and company. 

A poorly designed office is much cheaper, but it will waste time and cause frustrations which will hinder productivity. Good office design solves this problem as well as offering a new space for employees. 

Since we’re the pros, we figured we could offer some advice on how to best design your office to get the most out of your space. Whether you are opening up a new place or looking to bring your current workplace to this century, consider the following tips. 

Treat Light And Space As Areas Of Opportunity

It can be hard to get a large office. Therefore, the little space that you have is an area of opportunity. Because employees spend most of their day inside the office, it has to be spacious or at least seem like it.

One way to achieve this is to have the walls painted in bright colors so they can reflect light. You could also opt for see-through doors. Lighting creates the right working vibe in the office. Find ways to let natural light into the office because it creates a joyful environment.

Create Break-Out Spaces

Contrary to what many people think, break-out spaces are more than just a place to relax. They offer a much-needed break away from the desk, which can help with creativity. This is the place with little barriers to communication, and they encourage spontaneity. 

You can incorporate multiple breakout spaces if you have the room for it. It breaks monotony which is a better environment for creativity and better productivity.

Invest In The Right Furniture

Selecting the right furniture for your office is more important than you think. It is one of the first things that clients notice, and so it should be a reflection of your business. Quality trumps quantity each time when picking furniture. It must be stylish and functional. 

Incorporate Modern Trends

Your office needs to be up to date. Modern designs are a way to ensure that your office reflects style from this century. It reacts well with clients and employees. One of the things you could consider incorporating is minimalism.

Minimalism helps to keep items to a minimum which in turn opens up spaces. This is important for small offices. You could also incorporate Biophilic designs by having a few potted plants, paintings of nature, etc. 

Brand Your Space

If your office looks just like any other business complex, then what is the point? As you brand stationery and clothes, you should also ensure people can point out your space from the logo, mission, goals, etc. 

You can start by painting the walls with your theme colors. If they are flexible, you can also get furniture in these colors. It is best to have the name and logo of your business at the entrance where everyone can see it. 

Keep Your Employees Distanced

With everything that’s going on in the world, we also understand that many people are utilizing home office spaces in lieu of their usually centralized location. For those that are back in the office though, keep in mind the compartmentalization of physical spaces that are simultaneously visually open with glazed individual offices.

This will retain a modern aesthetic for the space, while also protecting your employees.