5 Ways To Add Color To An Office

Office Color

5 Ways To Add Color To An Office

Gone are the days of cubicle mazes, eggshell walls, and flickering overhead fluorescent lights. Instead, the modern office embraces an open floor plan, allowing for natural light, airflow, and moveable space. The new layout focuses on health and wellness while fostering collaboration and boosting employee morale. In addition, color plays a role in creating emotions like creativity, motivation, open communication, and productivity. The defining element of an inviting office is the balance and harmony of color.

Psychology Of Color

Office Color

Hands down, painting or wall coverings are the easiest way to bring color to an office. However, if bold color is part of the color scheme, opting for “pops” of color will be a better option. If you’re looking for unexpected ways to add color to an office, you’re in the right place! Below are five ways to unexpectedly add color to an office to create impact and boost positivity.

color mats

Focused Color

Framing a photograph, painting, poster, map, etc., elevates the overall aesthetics of the image and space. Colored frames or mats are an unexpected way to create a focal point and add additional color. However, choosing the right color to achieve the desired style can be tricky.

Pro Tips: 

The first color you notice in an image is dominant; frames or mats should be the third or fourth hue. 

For a monochromatic style, the frame or mat color will be a hue of the non-dominant color in the image. 

To achieve a dramatic look, use contrasting colors, for example, a dark mat on light art.

office Color

Writing On The Wall

Murals are a great way to showcase a company’s history, values, aesthetics, colors, or the local essence. Hiring a local artist to paint original art is a great option. Large-scale “street art”  is one of our favorite interior trends. 

The above mural pays homage to the state of Indiana. The original artwork was transformed into a digital format with the artist’s permission, then printed on large flexible panels. It’s necessary to have a professional install the custom-size panels.

Office Color Architectural Panels

Architectural Panels

Architectural metal panels are an alternative way of adding texture and dimension to a space. The perforated panels come in various patterns or can be custom designed and laser cut.  

Metal architectural panels come in a wide variety of colors or can be custom painted or showcase silhouettes. (Shown above.) 

Installing the metal sheets over a brightly painted wall creates a “pop” of color. Another option is to install LED lighting behind the panels or within a perimeter cove that hides the fixture or LED tape for unlimited color options.  

biophilic design in Office Color

Bringing Nature Indoors 

The color green is associated with rejuvenation, health, and nature. Be it artificial hedges or live moss, a botanical wall brings green’s calming effect into the workplace. 

Have limited wall space? Pairing a neutral palette with elements from nature (potted plants, wood furniture) creates an inviting space.

Denver, CO

Shine A Little Light

LED lights have unlimited uses, from pulsating “disco” lights to enclave lighting. With over 16 million colors to choose from, LED’s do not disappoint. 

LED lights bring color to this space in Denver, CO. The lights behind the mountains change colors, while LEDs were also used for enclave lighting, highlighting the curvature of the ceiling. 

Other ways to use LED lights; video walls, lighted artwork, and accent floor lights are a few ways to add color to an office.

office color

Balancing Color

Balancing mood-enhancing colors create an inviting workspace. On the other hand, too much color can overload a space creating a disorderly look. A simple tip when picking a palette, warm colors (red, yellow, and orange) evoke higher arousal emotions, while cool colors (blue, green, and purple) cause calming/mood-boosting feelings. White, black, brown, and gray tones are considered “non-colors” and are neutrals within the palette; they balance the brighter hues. 

Is it time for an office makeover? From small office suites to 50k SF+, we can create an inviting space with a color palette that highlights your brand and valued employees. Check out our projects by clicking here.

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