New Construction vs. Renovation: Which is Best?

The goal of any construction project is to maximize the bottom line. Luckily, many construction jobs offer the option of either renovating or constructing fresh. The choice between renovating an existing project and merely starting from scratch is dependent on many variables.

Both opportunities have their advantages and disadvantages. However, this does not mean that a pro vote on behalf of one is a con vote for the other. The only way to figure out is which of the two is the best is by comparing elements such as the requirements, costs, and intended use. Therefore, while debating between these two options, consider the following. 


What are the advantages or positive attributes of renovating a project? The first is location. When you do not have a lot of space to carry out new construction, renovation is the way to go. If the project is best positioned in a particular area, restoration is the easiest way to accomplish it.

Depending on the magnitude of the project, speed is another advantage of a renovation. Since renovations do not tear down the whole pre-existing structure, it will be easier to complete. Moreover, if the renovation is straightforward and does not require new permits, the project will go a lot faster. There will be no time delay in getting permits approved. 

New Construction

New construction, on the other hand, also has its advantages. One such advantage is that you will not have to deal with particular concerns such as the presence of toxic materials. For example, buildings constructed before the 1980s may have asbestos issues that are a significant concern when you consider a renovation. 

New construction also offers flexibility in terms of design and development. With a renovation, you would have to work around the existing building, which will not give you much room for creativity and design. With new construction, you could use the space and incorporate your desired designs under the advice of a qualified architect.

Buildings have changed over the years in terms of design and build. New construction offers the ability to bring the new structure into the 21st century. This is very important considering all the weather conditions your new construction would have to face. Buildings back then were not adequately equipped to withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural events. New construction offers this advantage. 

Which Is The Best?

Both renovation and new construction have advantages as outlined. However, the determining factors of what you want to do should focus on your needs, flexibility, and budget.