Highlighting Some of Our Greatest Projects

RNDC Omaha

SEA Studios has contributed designs to cities and organizations across the United States. These favorite projects represent our range of design abilities and the way that SEA designs shape our local communities.

RNDC Omaha, Virginia, and Denver

SEA Studios is proud to have worked with Republic National Distributing Company on three of their office and distribution facilities. The centers in Omaha, Virginia, and Denver showcase SEA’s ability to combine professionalism and modernity with creative and interesting designs.

Visual branding is important for a nationwide corporation; that’s why SEA worked to include similar design features across all buildings, even though they are states apart. Tall windows, white borders, and slanted architecture pay homage to the RNDC’s impressive historical legacy and modern-day relevance.

NEETRAC at Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is an important part of Atlanta’s legacy. SEA had the honor of contributing to this cultural monument by adding 8,000 square feet to the Research and Development of the National Electric Energy Testing Research and Applications Center.

The NEETRAC addition was designed to enhance the existing structure while modernizing the department’s visual identity. The building contains classic architectural elements with creative use of curves and layering to add visual flair.

Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta

The Boys and Girls Club building in Metro Atlanta is a prototype design that will be mimicked for Boys and Girls Clubs across America. This building is meant to provide a playful space for children who do not have after-school care.

The youthfulness of the organization’s nature can be seen in the colorful walls, tall ceilings, and circular hallways. Spaces are provided for a variety of leisure activities, allowing children to have a range of experiences in the time between leaving school and returning home.

GSC Packing

GSC Packing is a product packager and one of Atlanta’s fastest-growing companies. To create their current facility, SEA turned an existing space into an office, warehouse, and manufacturing facility.

The architectural environment at GSC is productive and professional. Cool colors encourage a work-focused mindset, while tall ceilings provide consistent light and a sense of the company’s economic importance.

Whether you need an office, school, warehouse, or shopping center, SEA Studios can craft a design that truly shows off your company’s identity. Contact us to get started on your next great project.