Expect to See These 3 Office Design Trends in 2020

Building morphology evolves to meet the needs of our society. The events of 2020 have impacted the way we view the workplace. As time goes on, you can expect to see some surprising changes in office design.

Glass, Tile, and Steel

Even when the nation returns to work as normal, sanitization procedures will continue to be an important part of daily life for years to come. Material choice plays a huge role in creating a sterile environment, as viruses and bacteria cannot easily survive on inorganic and non-porous surfaces.

Expect to see an upsurge in the use of non-porous materials like glass, metal, and ceramics. The sterile coatings used on granite countertops can also be used to transform decorative materials into easily-cleaned desks, floors, and walls.

Open but Individual Workspaces

The open floor plan is already unpopular among workers, and in light of social distancing requirements, it may fall even further out of favor. However, many offices are unlikely to give up the convenience and feeling of camaraderie that comes with a mostly open layout.

The trend of adding dedicated work spaces to existing open floor plans will likely continue. Glass walls may also be used to provide individual offices and meeting rooms without completely isolating individual staff. Expect to see a decrease in the popularity of shared workstations and technology as employees look for a sense of security in their working environment.

Natural Light and Atmosphere

Large windows and cheerful settings continue to be staples of a well-designed office. Studies have shown that natural light improves employee health and productivity. In areas where windows aren’t an option, designers may add bright overheads and ambient lights to mimic a more natural environment.

The same train of thought has also led designers to include plants and organic visual features in some of the trendiest office plans. Natural environments are calming, relaxing, and productive; expect to come across design elements that create a sense of the outdoors.

Whether you have a building in the works or are considering a remodel, reach out to SEA Studios to discuss and implement the latest design trends in your office.