Smart Architecture

RNDC Detroit

Smart home technology is gaining traction with the rise in IoT (Internet of Things). Modern architects and designers are beginning to implement smart technologies into the design of homes, offices, commercial buildings and warehouses. Smart buildings are becoming more prevalent and more innovative as technology advances. Many people are now used to commonplace smart technology […]

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Why Sustainable Design Matters

Exterior of building during the daytime

Sustainable architecture refers to the practice of designing buildings that construct working spaces that minimize the use of human resources. Buildings account for up to 40 percent of national CO2 emissions in both the manufacturing and transport industries, according to the United States Green building Council (USGBC). This is partly because of the vast emissions […]

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How the Pandemic Has Shaped Design Trends

Interior office design with distinct separated sections

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many organizations to adapt first to remote-working and for those who could not work remotely, like warehouse employees, safety regulations. Looking prospectively at the future many trends for 2020 have been holding true and adapting in the face of “the new normal”, but what will design look like in the […]

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What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Build?

Custom Built Spaces Fulfill Your Specific Needs

When you are making plans for a build, it is easy to get stuck between a custom build and a regular project build. The industry today has seen custom builds rise in popularity. More people are turning their attention to something unique. The most apparent reason why custom builds are popular is that you get […]

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Why Putting Off Office Renovation Projects Is a Bad Idea

Office Renovation Is Crucial To Brand Image and Productivity

Have you been thinking about renovations for months now but have not gotten anything done? This is a common problem among many people for their homes, businesses, and other spaces. One of the most common, however, is the office. People have a lot of trouble renovating their offices for many reasons. The most prominent, however, […]

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How to Optimize Your Warehouse Design for Maximum Efficiency

Warehouse Design

The speed and accuracy of fulfilling your business are what may take your business to the top. For long term success, more warehouses should consider improving how well they organize and store inventory such that it will be picked, packed, shipped, and delivered effortlessly.  That being said, your warehouse needs to be correctly designed and […]

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