Careers In Architecture

Learn more about the many careers in the world of architecture.

Like any occupation, there is a variety of jobs when it comes to the world of architecture. From the initial design to the final construction and everything that comes in between, architecture is filled with a multitude of jobs and tasks to choose from. But with such an extensive industry such as architecture, it can be challenging to find the right job suited for you and your skills. 

The world of architecture comprises of numerous jobs and skills. From sketching to graphic design and construction to animation, there is a wide range of jobs that stand under the umbrella of architecture. No matter the limits of your skills or the reach of your work, there’s something for anyone that shares a love of building and architecture. Here are a few prominent careers within the industry of architecture. 

Landscape Architect 

As the name suggests, landscape architecture is a form of architecture that deals directly with designing and constructing pieces of outdoor landscapes. This could be anything from public areas such as parks and walking trails, or it could be local infrastructure like recreational areas for community sports. Whatever path you choose, landscape architecture is a great way to give back to your community and ensure that public structures are safe and up to par with local rules and regulations. 

Restoration Architecture 

Within numerous communities across the country, culture and history are essential. And a significant representation of this culture and history can be found within certain pieces of architecture. But as time passes, these buildings and structures deteriorate from normal wear and tear from exterior forces. In order to conserve these older buildings and structures, a restoration architect will be brought in to save the day. As the name implies, a restoration architect is an architect that focuses on restoring older buildings and structures to their former glory. This is an excellent career for those who share a love for both architecture and history. 

Political Architecture 

We pass these structures every day in our local communities and towns. These are the city halls and capitals of the world. The awe-inspiring and mesmerizing designs that take our breath away and are home to some of the most honest (and dishonest) politicians that we elected into office. Political architecture is an incredibly essential form of architecture that can influence our political beliefs and ideals through simple and elegant designs that we will remember forever. 

Extreme Architecture 

No, we’re not talking about the domes and stadiums that hold our favorite extreme sports. This is the form of architecture that is built in order to prepare for the worst. We’re talking about buildings and structures that are designed to withstand extremities such as climate change, extreme weather, and even heatwaves. These structures are designed and built for emergencies such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and even floods. Extreme architecture is the perfect way to give back to your community and home by using design and architecture.