Atlanta’s Most Iconic Skyscrapers

As we all practice social distancing, enjoying the local architecture may seem like the furthest thing from your mind. But Atlanta is actually home to some of the nation’s tallest and most iconic skyscrapers. The next time you get up from your computer, take a look out the window and see if you can spot one of these towering architectural marvels from the comfort of your home.

Bank of America Plaza

Right between Midtown and Downtown is the truly iconic Bank of America Plaza. In the architecture world, this 1,023-foot building is known for being built in only 14 months. Take a moment to appreciate the way the light hits this tower at sunset; the orange glow really is something special.

Symphony Tower

Symphony Tower is just one of the many amazing skyscrapers located in Peachtree Center. The building is 657 feet tall and is known for its amazing use of environmentally-friendly and sustainable design. You can recognize Symphony Tower by the tall glass “fins” that extend from either side of the building; these fins are illuminated a night to create a dramatic and captivating effect.

SunTrust Plaza

Yet another skyscraper in Peachtree Center, the SunTrust Plaza reaches an impressive height of 869 feet and is the tallest building in Downtown Atlanta. The SunTrust building has a postmodern aesthetic and an iconic crown built from interlocking glass cubes.

Georgia-Pacific Tower

At a modest height of 697 feet, the Georgia-Pacific Tower is one of Atlanta’s oldest and proudest skyscrapers. You can instantly recognize this building by its stair-like tiers, which cast amazing shadows on each other and the ground below. The exterior of the tower is pink like peaches or the Georgia sunset; this gorgeous shade is derived from pink granite found in Marble Falls, Texas.

King and Queen Buildings

The Concourse at Landmark Center isn’t located in Atlanta, but these buildings are a beloved part of the city’s skyline. The King and Queen buildings are located at the junction of the I285 and Georgia 400 highways. The colloquial names of these buildings come from the metal crowns on top; at night, you’ll see them lit in a variety of different colors.

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