6 Terms Only an Architect Would Know

Architects spend years in school learning a variety of artistic and technical terms. Luckily, they’re still speaking the same language – and if you understand your architect better, you’ll have an easier time communicating your vision for the design.

1) Chamfer

A chamfer is a beveled or sloped edge at the point where two edges meet. You’ll usually spot chamfers on outside corners, but you’ll also see beveled angles on rails, panels, furniture items, and any other feature that could benefit from a softer edge.

2) Juncture

Most chamfers are located at a juncture – the place where any two points meet. Architects need to understand where walls, windows, siding, and other elements connect so they can check for flaws in the design.

3) Massing

Like any artist, architects try to see their work as a whole. Massing refers to the shape and form of a building and the space it fills. Massing influences visual impact more than almost any other element, and it’s one of the most important features your architect will consider when creating your design.

4) Morphology

Morphology refers to the study of the way things are formed. In architecture, morphology is used to talk about the way building styles have formed or developed to accommodate the people who use them. Sustainable design has influenced the morphology of modern buildings, and future developments will also result in morphological changes.

5) Juxtaposition

Juxtaposition is a term often used by artists to describe how objects look in relation to one another. A tree might look tall, but when juxtaposed next to a skyscraper, it looks very small indeed. Architects consider the juxtaposition of materials, shapes, and even different settings within the same design.

6) Curvilinear

The term curvilinear means exactly what it sounds like: a line that is curved. This term comes up often in modern architecture, especially as people look for contemporary or futuristic designs. You might not decide on a curvilinear building, but you can definitely use this word to describe the shape of your favorite coffee mug.

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