4 Things You Need to Specify During the Design Process

The project briefing is the first stage of every architecture design process. This is your chance to tell your architect everything you want to see in the new building, from design features to atmospheric elements. Make sure you answer these four questions during the briefing to help your architect truly understand what you have in mind.

What Does Your Company Do?

The best buildings enhance and contribute to the lifestyle of the people who use them. If your architect is going to make something that works your business, the need to know the details of your company.

To help your architect get on your wavelength, start by explaining your company philosophy. Talk about the kind of people you like to hire, the clients you like to work with, and the things you contribute to the industry you work in.

Next, give your architect a detailed picture of an average workday at your current headquarters. Make sure to discuss the size and unique features of your different departments; engineering may want to work in a very different setting than sales.

What Kind of Environment Do You Want to Create?

The atmosphere of a building is built from a combination of materials and features. Communicating with your architect will help them built the perfect environment for your operation.

Think about the values your company finds important. Are you more interested in enhancing creativity or efficiency? Do you want to encourage teamwork, or do your specialists work better with their own spaces? Architects are great at translating visions into reality, so don’t worry if you’re still uncertain about the details.

What Requirements Do You Need to Meet?

From the size of your budget to the regulations in your industry, your architect needs to know the requirements that define your project. Be open and honest about the details during the initial briefing; there’s nothing more expensive than trying to meet a requirement when construction has already started.

Some industries have features that your architect may not be aware of. Whether you use unique machinery or need a specifically quiet environment, make sure to communicate the essential aspects of your workplace that you want to be included in the final design.

How Does Your Business Plan to Grow?

As companies get bigger, their workplace needs change. Your business will eventually go through a transformation. If you plan ahead with your architect, that transformation will be able to happen in your existing space.

Start by discussing how quickly your company has grown over the last few years. Do you predict another decade of the same upward movement, or do you expect to plateau once you hit peak efficiency? Other things to think about include the size of your warehouse and the number of departments you’re designing for.

The good news is that your architect will be happy to guide you through the design process. Ask questions, and stay involved; as long as you ask adjustments before the blueprints are finalized, your design can be tweaked to perfection.

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